March 17-24, 2018
I am thrilled to announce that Kechi United Methodist Church is returning to Rio Bravo, Mexico on a mission trip to the Manos Juntas (Hands Together) mission site. We will depart for Rio Bravo Saturday, March 17th and return the following Saturday, March 24th. This coincides with Wichita Public Schools’ spring break.
While in Mexico we will be working on constructing a “casita” which is a small house for a local family. Do not feel that you need any kind of skills to join. There are opportunities for people of all ranges of experience.
The registration cost for the trip will be $150 per person. This includes travel costs, lodging and meals while in Mexico. Participants will be responsible for paying for meals while traveling (2 days each way) and the possibility of a meal out while in Mexico.
The remainder of the cost of the trip is covered by fund raising efforts of the church. The upcoming Chili Cook-Off is one of these efforts. Even if you cannot go we ask that you support these events generously. The support of the whole church allows us to offer these life changing mission trips at a cost that can be affordable to anyone.
If you are considering going and do not have a passport you should apply as soon as possible. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to get a new passport and we are currently about 9 weeks from the trip.
If you have questions contact me. If you know you want to go contact me or the church office.
Shalom to you,
Pastor Greg

 Click on the following link to check out the video of the work done! You’ll want to go too!

 Dates coming soon for the 2018 trip
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